The Solar System: Introductory Astronomy Textbook


Irina Mullins


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Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview of the Universe



1.1. Definition of Astronomy


1.2. Practical Applications of Astronomy


1.3.  Astronomy and Internet


 1.4. Scientific Method


1.5. Scientific Notation


1.6. Measuring Length, Time, and Mass


1.7. Measuring Astronomical Distances


1.8. The Earth and the Moon


1.9. Planets, Dwarf Planets, Plutoids


1.10. The Sun


1.11. The Solar System


1.12. Stars


1.13. Extrasolar Planets


1.14. The Milky Way Galaxy


1.15. Galaxies


1.16. The Universe and the Big Bang
















Copyright©2008 by Irina Mullins. All Rights Reserved.